The UMW Eagle Pipe Band is comprised of college students, faculty, alumni, and community members. Alumni and current students are denoted by their class year.

Pipe Major/Director: Dr. Lauren McMillan
Dr. Ray Scott (Director Emeritus) 
Mike Yearsley (2011)
Dr. Fred Woodaman
John Mooney
Craig Kimball
Mike Galu
Matt Smith (2021)

Drum Major:
Rebekah Eaton (2009)
Apprentice Drum Major: Lachlan Eaton (2035)

Drum Sergeant: Mike Yearsley (2011)
Brandon Carl
Alec Moerman
Gretchen Gorecki (2009)
Chandler Carlson (2022)
Helen Sande (2020)
Audra Young (2023)

Dance Instructor: Denise Hamilton (2008)
Gretchen Gorecki (2009)
Cailtin Fish